Can a Cracked LCD Television Screen Be Repaired?

Most cracked or damaged LCD screens can be replaced, but the extensive costs of repair may mean it isn't worth the expense. Replacement LCD screens can cost $50 to $150 for the part alone, and paying for a professional fix can cost $150 to $500.

Repairing damaged LCD screens can cost as much as buying a new television set, according to AOL Consumer Advisor Regina Lewis. In some cases, consumers might spend less to upgrade than if they were to buy new. The television set's manufacturer will likely offer replacement parts, including new screens, but at a higher cost. Many models of replacement screens can also be found on a number of online auction sites.

Depending on the size, a new LCD TV can cost $150 to $1,000. According to, consumers can cut LCD TV repair costs by buying the manufacturer's extended warranty when purchasing the new set.