Where Can You Find a CPU Comparison Chart?

Processor comparison charts are available on websites such as CPUBenchmark.net and TomsHardware.com. Unlike these websites, CPUBoss.com lets users select two processors and peruse differences between them, their benchmark and review scores, and detailed specifications.

CPUBenchmark.net updates its charts on a daily basis, and it covers more than 1,200 CPU models, as of 2015. It features multiple charts, including those that cover high-end, mid-range and low-end processors. These charts show the PassMark benchmark scores and the price-to-performance ratios.

TomsHardware.com features processor performance charts for various benchmark tools, including PCMark8, 3DMark and Cinebench R15. These charts display individual scores for each processor and color-code the bars to indicate the manufacturer. They also feature filters, allowing users to compare only Amd or Intel processors.