How Can You Convert a YouTube Video to an MP3?

To convert a YouTube video to the MP3 format, use the free version of Any Video Converter to download the video by copying its Web address, add the downloaded file to the main window, select the MP3 format, and start the conversion process. If necessary, modify the audio settings of the output file before starting the conversion.

Go to, hover over the Products button, and select the Any Video Converter Free option. Click on the Freeware button, and select a download location. After downloading the executable file, double-click on it to start installing the program. Once it’s installed, start the program by clicking on its shortcut or selecting it from the Start menu.

Click on the Add URL(s) button, click on the plus symbol icon, and type the Web address of the desired YouTube video. Alternatively, copy the address, and paste it in the same field. Click on the Start Download button, select the desired quality and resolution settings once the program has analyzed the file, and click OK. If the file is not present on the main screen after the download process completes, click Add Video(s), and double-click on the file.

Open the drop-down menu next to the Convert Now button, click on the music note icon, and select the MP3 format. Open the Audio Options tab, specify settings regarding the bitrate, sample rate and channel number settings, and click Convert Now. Right-click on the file after conversion, and select the Open Destination File Location option to locate the MP3 file.

At, paste the URL of the YouTube video you wish to convert into the field provided, then click on Continue. From the audio conversion formats available, such as MP3, M4A and AAC, choose the MP3 option, then click the Start button for the conversion to commence. After the conversion, which takes several minutes, click on the Download button to download the converted file.

At, simply paste the video URL into the field provided, then click on the Convert Video button. If the conversion is successful, a message saying that the video has successfully been converted to MP3, along with a download link, is displayed. Click on the link provided to download the converted audio file.

At, paste the URL of the YouTube video into the provided field, then choose the quality you desire for the converted MP3 file. Next, click on the Download button to download the converted file.

If not interested in converting online, an example of an offline application that allows for the conversion of YouTube videos to audio formats, including MP3, is YTD Video Downloader.