How Can You Convert a Document to a PowerPoint Presentation?


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To convert a document to a PowerPoint presentation, open it in Microsoft Word 2007 or a later edition, edit the headings of the file using the Style functionality, and save it as a PPT or PPTX file in Microsoft PowerPoint. Alternatively, use an online document converter, such as Online-Convert.com.

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Start Microsoft Word, and open the file you wish to convert to a PowerPoint presentation. Select the entire text, click on the Change Style button in the Home tab, and select the Default option after hovering over Style Set. Mark the section of the text that you want as a start of the first slide, and select the Heading 1 option in the Styles ribbon. Repeat this step for every section that’s supposed to introduce a new slide. To change the font settings, right-click on the Heading 1 style, and select the Modify option. Once you save the document in Microsoft Word, open it in Microsoft PowerPoint, make any desired changes, and save it as a PPT or PPTX file.

On Online-Convert.com, click on Document Converter, and select the Convert to PPT or Convert to PPTX option. Click on the Choose Files button, select the document you want to convert, and click Open. Once the document is uploaded, click on the Convert File button, and download the file once the conversion process is complete.

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