How Can You Convert an Adobe Pagemaker File to Another Type of File?

Pagemaker files, or pmds, can be converted to a different file by opening them with a compatible application and then saving them in a different format. Some of the apps known to offer support for Pagemaker files include Adobe Framemaker and Adobe InDesign CS2 and later.

Introduced in 1985, Adobe Pagemaker is a desktop publishing application designed for use in the creation of documents on a computer. Adobe initially offered Pagemaker on the Mac and then on Windows XP, but then made the decision to discontinue the program at the turn of the century. The last known version of Pagemaker is Pagemaker 7.0, which was released in 2001.

Although Adobe has discontinued the production of Pagemaker, it still offers support for Pagemaker files via its other desktop publishing programs such as Indesign. This makes it easier for people to run and alter old Pagemaker files. In addition to pmd files, InDesign supports over a dozen other file formats including .pdf, .jpg, .fla, .txt and .rtf. This means users can convert Adobe Pagemaker files by opening them in InDesign and exporting them in a different format, in line with their needs. For instance, to convert a .pmd file to a .pdf document, owners can open the file using InDesign and then exporting the file as .pdf.