How Can You Contact Shaytards?

Contact Shaytards by sending any questions, concerns or random statements via email to, or by sending fan mail via the Shaytards Facebook page. Alternatively, subscribe to its YouTube channel or follow their Twitter handle, which is @Shaytards.

In order to contact Shaytards on YouTube, search for Shaytards on YouTube, and then subscribe to its YouTube channel, at Join the channel discussions, and address your comments directly to Shaytards, or use the other contact options.

You can also contact Shaytards by accessing its fan page on Facebook. Log in and search for Shaytards through your Facebook account. Click on the Contact Us tab to access the fan mail form. Enter your real or a fake name, your phone number and email address, and then type the message, and send. In order to receive a reply from Shaytards, you must "like" or follow its Facebook page.

It is possible follow Shaytards and comment on Twitter, via @Shaytards and #Shaytards, and on Reddit via You can also follow the channel creators/owners on various social networks, including Twitter, using and, or on Facebook using Another option is to contact the company through Instagram, using, or through Google Plus, using

Shaytards is a YouTube channel that is owned by Shay Carl Butler, which has over three million subscribers. Known professionally as Shay Carl, the owner is an American vlogger and YouTube personality. He has several high-traffic YouTube channels, including “shaycarl,” “Shaytards,” “shayloss,” “katilette,” “WhenTheKidsGoToSleep” and “iphonetard.” Shaytards refers to Butler’s family, which consists of his wife, Colette or “Katilette,” and his five children.