Where Can Consumers Find Product Safety Information?

Where Can Consumers Find Product Safety Information?

Consumers can find product safety information at SaferProducts.gov, FDA.gov, HouseholdProducts.NLM.NIH.gov and NHTSA.gov. Information related to product safety includes ratings, defect reports, recall news and tips on how to choose a safe product.

SaferProducts.gov maintains a database of recalls for baby and child products, recreation items, household goods, heaters and generators, and metals in consumer products. Consumers can report unsafe products, and businesses can respond.

The Food and Drug Administration provides advice and information on medical devices, cosmetics, pet products and tobacco products as well as on foods and drugs.

The Household Products Database covers chemicals used for personal care, housework, yard work, home office equipment and vehicle maintenance. Examples are cleaners, paint, glue, pesticides and printer toner. Information includes warnings, health effects, flammability ratings and safe handling procedures.

Driving and vehicle safety information is available at the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Some of the topics addressed are drowsy driving, tires, child seat research and laws.