What Can You Connect to Your TV With a USB?

Consumers that have a USB port on their TV can connect a variety of devices to enhance their experience including media streamers such as Google Chromecast, Apple TV and the Amazon Fire TV stick, as of 2015. The exact items you can connect to your TV depend on the TV's features.

By connecting the Google Chromecast device into the USB port, users can stream a variety of TV shows from different TV networks and stream services such as HBO and Netflix. Chromecast also allows consumers to watch a wide selection of TV shows and movies without the need of having cable service. The services require a broadband Internet connection to work.

The Amazon Fire TV Stick gives its customers the same function as Google's Chromecast but also includes a voice-enabled remote that allows users to search by using speech-recognition technology. Apple TV offers entertainment apps for consumers to use on their TVs, such as Disney and Hulu. Users can also play a variation of games on their TV screens using game apps such as "Guitar Hero." With Apple TV, users that have an Apple iPhone or iPad can quickly display what they have on their mobile Apple devices directly to their TV.