How Can You Connect to the Live Stream of Canada's CBC?


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The simplest way to access a live stream of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation's content is by accessing the CBC player website at CBC.ca. From there, you can find multiple links, including those to live streams, to a wide variety of programming.

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The site features separate tabs for television, radio, news and sports content, as well as a digital archive for past episodes and videos. Clicking any of the tabs brings up a variety of choices to limit the search.

The easiest route to access any live content, such as the news, is to continue to narrow the search in the left sidebar until the option to narrow results to "live stream" appears. This limits all results on the page to videos currently on air. This method only works if there is something currently streaming live on the website. If the show you're looking for is not currently streaming, the option to narrow the search results into the live stream section is not available and the videos shown only include clips or full shows previously aired on the television channel.

The CBC also has dedicated iOS and Android apps that make it easy to watch CBC content via mobile device.

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