How Can You Configure Internet Explorer to Download ActiveX 7 Control?

How Can You Configure Internet Explorer to Download ActiveX 7 Control?

ActiveX controls are typically not downloadable in Internet Explorer for security reasons, but are easily configurable using the browser. They are configurable in Internet Explorer using the Internet Options menu, which is accessible through the Tools button.

To change default Internet Explorer settings to accomodate ActiveX controls, click the Tools menu, and then click Internet Options. Click on the Security tab and select the Custom level button. After selection, scroll through the Security Settings list until the ActiveX Controls and Plug-ins option is available. To automatically prompt ActiveX controls, select the Enable option.

Proceed to scroll down to the Download Signed ActiveX Controls option and select Enable or Prompt. Click Enable or Prompt for the Run ActiveX Controls and Plugins. Repeat the Enable and Prompt procedure for the Script ActiveX Controls Marked Safe for Scripting option. After enabling all three controls, click OK, and then click OK once more.

Upon completion of the steps, verify the changes by running the test through Windows Validation. To perform a Windows Validation test, visit After verification, restart Internet Explorer and run ActiveX controls.

Before activating the ActiveX controls, note that such downloads may malfunction or are sometimes used to collect information from your computer. In addition, computer software is vulnerable to damage caused by downloads; only download from trusted publishers or websites.