How Can You Get a Computer Out of Safe Mode?

How Can You Get a Computer Out of Safe Mode?

To get a computer out of safe mode, turn off the computer, restart, and let Windows start normally. Although there are other ways to exit safe mode, the restart option is the fastest. This process takes less than five minutes and does not require expert knowledge of computers.

  1. Turn off the computer

    Save or close any document or running program on your computer before beginning this process. Go to Start on the Windows toolbar, click the Turn Off Computer button at the bottom of the windows menu, then click Turn Off again.

  2. Let the computer start normally

    Press the power button, and avoid pressing any keys on your keyboard as the computer restarts. However, if your computer is password-protected, you do need to provide the password when requested. Wait until the computer loads all programs on your desktop before proceeding to the next step.

  3. Confirm whether safe mode has been removed

    To confirm whether the process has been successful, check the top and bottom corners of your monitor. The words “Safe Mode” appear at the top and bottom corners of the screen when safe mode is activated. If your screen does not show those words at the top and bottom corners, then safe mode has been successfully removed.