Where Can You Find Free Clipart Images of Music Notes?


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The Music Graphics Galore website offers free clipart images of music notes in a variety of colors and sizes. The site also has a wide selection of other free music-related clipart, graphics and backgrounds.

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While most online clipart sites offer a few generic selections of music notes and symbols, Music Graphics Galore offers a wide array of symbols and notes. The notes section includes 75 images of single notes, 107 images of double notes and 82 animated notes. The notes are very specific, such as the black 16th staff. There is also a full section devoted to treble, bass and alto clefs.

In addition to the symbols and notes, the free downloads on the site include music buttons, banners, lines, borders, backgrounds and staffs. There are clipart images of stereos, record players, jukeboxes, speakers and amplifiers. There are even images of music stands and batons. The largest selection is of musical instruments, from guitars and banjos to bagpipes and chimes.

The color choices for the clipart range from the primary colors of red, yellow and blue to such variations as aqua, pink and rainbow, plus several images in black and white. All are simple to download from the website to a hard drive, flash drive or other digital storage option.

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