How Can You Clear a PS2 Memory Card?

How Can You Clear a PS2 Memory Card?

In order to clear a Sony PlayStation 2 memory card, the unit must be connected to a console so its contents can be individually accessed and deleted. Clearing a memory card, also known as reformatting it, will allow it to be used for other games that require a certain amount of available card space.

Use the following instructions to quickly reformat a PlayStation 2 memory card.

  1. Power on the system
  2. Turn the system on and remove any game disks from inside the console.

  3. Select browser
  4. Open browser to see the available content.

  5. Open up the memory card
  6. Open the memory card option to see the files saved on the memory card.

  7. Delete the files
  8. Highlight each file from the memory card, select them and delete them.