Can Children Learn to Type Using UltraKey?


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UltraKey can help children develop and improve their typing skills through 14 typing lessons designed specifically for young learners. Unlike other typing software, UltraKey does not focus on games. Instead, it provides encouragement and praise through the option for children to set and monitor progress toward their own goals.

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UltraKey motivates children to keep improving their skills by constantly reminding them of their accomplishments, including increased accuracy rate and typing speed. Although it does not provide typing games by default, UltraKey lets children create their own games by using the typing form that is part of the application. After the software performs an initial assessment of a child’s typing prowess and determines his typing level, it adapts the pace of expected progress so that the child does not become overwhelmed.

Every lesson focuses on a particular set of keys and includes various exercises that revolve around the use of those keys. The goal is to help children improve their muscle memory in relation to typing, eventually letting them engage in touch-typing without consciously paying attention to the keys. UltraKey accomplishes this through exercises that require the child to focus on specific words as single entities instead of a collection of individual letters. It also favors technique and precision over speed due to its philosophy that increased typing speed naturally arises from using proper technique and typing posture.

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