How Can You Check a Writing Submission for Free With SafeAssign?

SafeAssign is a technological tool to avoid plagiarism and aid users in identifying areas for proper attribution. It is available as part of the Blackboard Learn online learning environment and course management system. Students with access to Blackboard Learn through their educational institutions can access SafeAssign for free.

To check a writing submission for free using SafeAssign, you need access to Blackboard Learn. Access to Blackboard Learn is usually assigned by teachers and instructors that use Blackboard Learn as a course management system.

After logging into the Blackboard Learn system, submit the assignment by first clicking on the link to the page where the assignment is located and then clicking View/Complete next to the assignment's title. This leads to the Upload SafeAssignment page. On this page, upload the assignment by clicking on the Browse button, selecting a file to attach as a submission for the assignment, then clicking the Submit button.

After submission, SafeAssign immediately checks the assignment is immediately checked. The SafeAssign report is available to view within 10 to 15 minutes. View it by selecting the page where the assignment is located, then clicking View/Complete next to the assignment's title. This leads to a View SafeAssignment page. The SafeAssign report is under the Submitted Work heading. SafeAssign reports provide an assessment of the submitted assignment's originality, showing the percentage of text in the submission that matches existing sources.

Assignments can only be submitted to SafeAssign once. Any additional SafeAssign checks for the same assignment must be requested through the course instructor.