Can You Check the Location of a Person by His Cell Phone Usage?

can-check-location-person-his-cell-phone-usage Credit: Innocenti/Cultura/Getty Images

Anyone carrying a GPS-enabled smart phone can be located using only the telephone number through the GPS function installed on the phone, according to the New York Times. Any cell phone location can be tracked from any other device with a tracking application on it.

The New York Times states that tracking apps are available for iPad, iPhone, iTouch and Android platform devices; many of them are free or low cost. These apps can be used to connect families, so parents can track their children's locations, for example. Fox News identifies a dark side to the ability to track anyone, anywhere, any time, because criminals and hackers can use the same technology to track people who might be unaware that they are being tracked. However, the potential for abuse is limited by the security features of the apps. Every app requires each cell phone user to "opt-in," so no one can be tracked without his or her knowledge and permission.