How Can You Check Your Boost Mobile Account Activity?

To check your Boost Mobile account activity, open the Boost Zone app on the mobile phone, and choose View Account Information. Access the account from a computer by visiting the official Boost Mobile website, clicking My Account and typing your login credentials.

The Boost Zone mobile app lets customers view account balances, modify current plans and choose different voicemail greetings. Press Re-Boost to add more funds, or select I Need Help to review your voice and data connection. If you need help with your account, choose Call Boost under I Need Help.

The app also lets users run device diagnostics, view other apps recommended by Boost Mobile, and discover Boost Mobile promotions and events. Select Pay My Bills to pay for utility bills, or go to Int'l Mobile Recharge to add credits to other mobile phone accounts.

When accessing an account through the Boost Mobile website, click Re-Boost Online to put credits to the account with a Re-Boost Card. A customer may also use a credit card by setting it up with the help of the Boost Mobile customer care service. Clicking View Your Profile takes you to your profile page, where you can see existing credit, while clicking View Your Call Records allows you to review your call history and amount spent on every call.