Where Can You Find Cheap Electronic Parts?

Where Can You Find Cheap Electronic Parts?

EBay, Futurlec and AliExpress all offer cheap electronic parts. Users can also get cheap parts by taking apart old devices, such as printers. In addition, some companies provide sample electronics parts for free.

EBay has a whole category dedicated to electronic components. The category includes products in several sections, including capacitors, semiconductors, voltage regulators, tubes, acoustics and other electronic parts. Buyers can purchase parts immediately or make bids at auctions.

Futurlec offers buyers a wide selection of electronic components and hardware at low prices. The website also sells books and different electronics kits. The disadvantage of this website is that buyers have to wait for their orders for a long time, sometimes as long as a month.

The Chinese website AliExpress offers electronic components at wholesale prices. However, the items may take a long time to ship, and the shipping cost is usually higher than that of buying from domestic sites.

Some electronic parts manufacturers supply their customers with free samples upon request. Many of the companies even ship the samples overnight. For example, users can get free push buttons and switches from Bulgin, Sorenson, Apem and several other companies. Bivar, SunLED USA and Philip’s Lumileds provide free LED samples.