Can You Change Your Skype Name?

Users cannot change their Skype names. Once a Skype name is successfully registered during account creation, it is permanently associated with one Skype account. Users can change only their display names.

To change a display name, sign in to Skype and proceed to the profile settings. Click the current display name, type a new display name and press Enter. Unlike Skype names, display names can be changed for an infinite number of times. The display name appears in messages, calls and the contact lists of the user's friends. Any changes to the display name do not affect the Skype account. Users can also modify the display names of their friends in the contact list, but these modified names only appear in their own Skype applications.

To obtain a different Skype name, a user must create new a Skype account. A Skype name must begin with a letter and have a length of at least six and up to 32 characters. Besides letters and numbers, only periods, commas, dashes and underscores are usable in a Skype name. Users can also choose not to create a Skype name by signing into Skype through a Microsoft or Facebook account.

Any credits and subscriptions on an existing Skype account cannot be transferred to a new account. The user must also recreate his contact lists in the new account.