How Can You Change Fonts in an Android Theme?


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To change the font in an Android theme, press the menu button, and tap "Settings," then tap the "Display" tab, and select "Font type". A list of fonts will appear; tap the desired font. The font will now be set.

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How Can You Change Fonts in an Android Theme?
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To add fonts to the list, tap "Add fonts" or "Get fonts online" instead of selecting a font. Install new fonts from the proceeding menu. Once installed, set them by following the previous steps.

To install custom fonts that cannot be found by selecting “Add more fonts," the device must be "rooted." Many devices use different methods for rooting. Some can be rooted directly through the USB cable on a PC or Mac, and some require special hardware in order to root.

Rooting the phone allows all applications to access the first directory on the phone's storage. The first directory is known as the "root" folder. Inside the root folder are essential system files that regulate and manage how the phone works. Gaining access to this folder allows modifications to be made. The "Fonts" folder is located in the root directory, so root access grants access to this folder. Once fonts are downloaded, they can be copied to the "Fonts" folder, and the font will appear in the phones “Font type” menu.

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