How Can You Change Your Apple Start Page?


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Change your start page in the Safari Preferences menu. Click the Gears icon in Safari to access Preferences and other Safari options. You only need Safari 5 or later and a Mac computer to complete this guide.

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  1. Open Safari

    Click the Safari icon on your dock to launch the Internet browser. If you do not see the icon, use Spotlight to search for Safari on the Mac computer.

  2. Locate the Preferences menu

    Click the Gears icon in the upper-right corner of Safari, and move your cursor down the list until you see Preferences. Click Preferences, or press the Ctrl and comma keys to open the menu.

  3. Navigate to the General settings

    Click the General tab in the Preferences window. It provides options to set your homepage. Pick your default browser, select a search engine, and configure the start page for new windows.

  4. Change your start page

    Type the URL of the Web page you want to set as your default home page. Alternatively, you can navigate to a Web page and click Set to Current Page to make the site your new start page. Choose Homepage as your New Windows option, and close the Preferences menu after making your changes.

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