How Can a CD Be Loaded Onto an IPod?


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Music files on a CD can be loaded onto an iPod by copying the files to iTunes and then synchronizing the iPod with iTunes. This will automatically copy the files to the iPod.

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Step 1: get the necessary items

Things that are required for this task include an iPod, an iPod-USB cable, a computer and a CD.

Step 2: copy the CD into iTunes

iTunes must be available on the computer to complete this step. The CD should then be inserted into the computer. A dialogue box will pop up with the option to import the CD. This will take a few minutes to complete.

Step 3: update the iPod

The iPod needs to be connected to a computer using the USB cable. This will automatically copy the files to iPod through the process of synchronization. The iPod now contains all the files from the CD

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