What Can Cause a Computer to Fail to Connect to a Server?


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Server connection errors have a variety of potential causes, including problems with the computer's network software, security authorization failures and problems with the network connection between the server and the computer. In some cases, the error may also be due to a problem with the server itself rather than a problem with the local computer, in which case there is often little a user can do to troubleshoot the issue except to wait for the server to come back online.

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One of the most common causes of server connection failures is a problem with a computer's network connection. This is especially likely to be the case if the computer has difficulty connecting to other network resources or websites. Making sure that the computer's network cables are securely connected to both the computer itself and the network router or wall jack is a good first step to troubleshooting this issue. For computers using wireless Internet connectivity, moving the computer to a location closer to the network's wireless access point can help stabilize the connection. A computer's internal networking software can sometimes become unable to maintain a network connection, but resetting the computer's network management by turning its wireless networking connection off and back on or by rebooting the computer often solves these issues.

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