Can Cars Be Used As Wi-Fi Hotspots?

It is possible to use cars as Wi-Fi hot spots. Some cars come with built-in Wi-Fi service. Various devices can attach to other cars to add Wi-Fi capabilities.

Drivers can get Wi-Fi on their Audi, Buick and Cadillac cars through AT&T. They can also get Wi-Fi on GMC, Chevrolet and Volvo models. Drivers can convert their Audi vehicles to Wi-Fi hot spots for as many as eight devices.

Various Audi models come with Audi Connect, which allows users to take advantage of Google Voice and Google Earth. Users can also get information about traffic and weather. The performance of the Wi-Fi hot spot varies based on the number of devices in use and other factors.

Ford drivers can use SYNC with MyFord Touch to turn their Wi-Fi-enabled smartphones into hot spots for their passengers. Before they start, users need to enable Wi-Fi on their mobile devices. Next, they have to enable Bluetooth on their mobile devices and connect their mobile phone. They have to select a security type that the mobile device supports to be connected to the SYNC network.

General Motors has launched the 4G LTE service for the 2015 Chevrolet Malibu sedan and several other models. GM offers three months of free 4G service.