What Can You Do When You Can't Print a PDF File?


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Ensuring that the cables are properly connected and updating the driver for better compatibility with the PDF document viewer are possible fixes for a printer that cannot print PDF files. Clearing stuck print jobs in the print queue or printing the files as images may also help resolve the problem.

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If the printer remains unresponsive, try power cycling both the computer and printer by turning them off for a time before turning them on again. Make sure that there are no papers jams. Also, try printing the PDF file with another printer if possible.

The PDF file itself may be causing the problem. Obtain or download another copy of it, and save it directly to the hard drive. Even if the old copy looks normal when opened by a document viewer, it may have corrupt or missing data that hinder the printing process. Printing the PDF file as an image, which is a feature in programs such as Adobe Acrobat and Reader, bypasses this process.

If the source document is available in the computer, try creating a new PDF file using a new name. Use only alphanumeric characters in the file name. For computers and printers with no PDF support, save the file in other document file formats.

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