How Can You Call Any Number for Free Online?


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Google Voice allows users to make calls to domestic phone numbers in the United States and Canada for free. There are a few exceptions to this, primarily for certain call-in services. Users can place calls from a call phone using a free app, or from the Internet. Additionally, Google Voice allows users to place calls for free from Gmail and Google Hangouts. Calls to phone numbers outside of the United Stated and Canada are also available at relatively low rates

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WhatsApp, a popular phone messaging application, allows users to call their friends on the app for free using data, so calls don't count against phone plan minutes. A user must confirm a phone number to get started. After that, the application searches the phone address book for contacts using WhatsApp. The user can then call any contacts using the app anywhere in the world for free.

FreedomPop and magicJack also allow users to make phone calls for free. Users with the magicJack application can call other magicJack users anywhere in the world for free and can call phones in the United States and Canada for free. FreedomPop users are also able to call fellow app users and can make domestic phone calls for free, using up to 200 minutes and 500 text messages.

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