How can you bypass an iCloud lock?


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While it is not possible to bypass the security of Apple's iCloud system, it is possible to reset the password on an iCloud account using a recovery email address or security questions. A different procedure is required if the iCloud account is protected via two-step verification.

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Users who have registered a recovery email account with Apple can request an iCloud password reset from Apple's password recovery website Iforgot.apple.com. It is also possible to perform a password reset by answering security questions via this website as well. Security questions are the only option to change iCloud passwords for users who have not registered recovery email accounts.

Two-step verification is a method for performing password resets and other security procedures that is more secure than other methods, as it requires the person performing the reset to have a specific device available to receive a verification code from Apple to complete the process. Apple's IForgot page allows two-step verification and reset of passwords. After initiating the reset, it is necessary to enter the recovery key given by Apple during the two-step verification setup process, and then to specify a device to receive a second verification code such as a mobile phone. Entering the second code and new password completes the two-step verification and password reset process.

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