Where Can You Buy AT&T Wireless Cellphones?


Buy cell phones and smart phones compatible with the AT&T wireless network through retailers such as Best Buy, Amazon.com and eBay. Consumers are also able to buy phones directly from AT&T both online and in physical locations.

Choosing the right AT&T phone depends on the buyer's individual needs. The buyer should consider factors such as how often she plans on using the phone and for what purpose, as these greatly dictate the type and quality of the device she chooses. If the buyer wants to have Internet access on her phone to check email and use certain apps, she should focus on a smart phone. Alternately, a buyer that only needs a phone for talking and texting is better off with a less expensive traditional cell phone. The buyer should read online reviews for different brands of phones, such as the Apple iPhone or the Samsung Galaxy, to find the right model for her needs.

The buyer should also consider the different incentives, promotions and pricing options offered by different retailers. Stores such as Best Buy often hold special promotions that give customers gift cards when purchasing a new AT&T phone, while eBay often contains used phones available for considerably less than their new counterparts.