What Can You Buy and Sell at EBay Motors?

What Can You Buy and Sell at EBay Motors?

EBay Motors allows users to buy and sell vehicles, vehicle parts and automotive tools. The website is tied to the main part of eBay, meaning that anyone with an eBay account can trade on eBay Motors.

Start trading by registering an account. To do so, click Register on the top left, fill in the form, and click Register. EBay automatically adds international phone codes in front of telephone numbers. As such, make sure you select the United States from the drop-down list. By clicking Register, you agree to eBay's user agreement and privacy notice.

Once logged into your account, you can begin selling items by clicking Sell on the banner at the top. Decide whether you want to sell the product yourself or want a professional to handle the trade for you. Then type in the model name or VIN of the vehicle, or the serial number of a part, and click Get Started. Select the corresponding category, click continue, and give details about what you have for sale. Pick a listing type, type a title for the listing, upload photographs, indicate the price, and click Save And Preview.

Make sure to go over your listing before confirming it. EBay suggests that you provide as much detail and add as many pictures as possible to increase the effectiveness of the listing.

You can also use the website to make a purchase. Use the search tool on the home page to find listings for the product you're interested in. Then use the filter options on the left to find the ideal offer. Some filter options are price range, exterior color, drive type, fuel type and condition. You can either bid on auctions or buy at fixed prices by using the Buy It Now feature.