Where Can You Buy Ringtones for an Android Phone?

can-buy-ringtones-android-phone Credit: Sam Edwards/OJO Images/Getty Images

Ringtones for Android phones can be purchased through apps such as Zedge, which offers popular songs and music for sale as downloadable ringtones. Users may also assign music purchased through Google Play or another music download service as a ringtone through the Android sound settings menu.

Ringtones offered by ZEDGE range from audio clips to popular music. ZEDGE offers wallpapers, notification sounds and games for download in addition to ringtones.

The Ringtone Maker app is an option for individuals who wish to create their own ringtones from downloaded music, sound files and sound effects. Ringtone Maker provides an interface to trim or create loops from files stored on a device which can then be downloaded or shared with others.

If a file is present on a device that requires no editing, it can be set as a ringtone by going to the Android menu, selecting Settings, selecting Sound and tapping the section labeled Phone Ringtone. From this menu, the user may assign any of the pre-installed sounds and ringtones as the default or choose from any downloaded media available on the device's storage. When the correct file has been found, select it, tap OK and back out of the settings menu.