Can You Buy Refurbished Laptops on EBay?

Sellers on eBay offer refurbished laptops for sale, and some sellers offer warranties on their refurbished laptops. As of 2015, refurbished laptops on eBay come from manufacturers such has Dell, HP and Toshiba, the prices of which range from $113.99 to $449.99.

Customers can access the section of eBay that sells refurbished laptops by selecting the Laptops & Notebooks option from the Electronics category page, and checking the boxes next to Manufacturer Refurbished and Seller Refurbished filter options. The list that displays refurbished laptops for sale includes information regarding the specifications, the number of items sold and the operating system installed on the laptops. Selecting a refurbished laptop opens a page that provides shipping information and seller's notes that describe the laptop's condition.