How Can You Buy a GSM Prepaid Phone Plan?

How Can You Buy a GSM Prepaid Phone Plan?

To buy a GSM prepaid phone plan, you need to identify your needs, check out GSM plans of several wireless service providers and purchase the plan that suits you best. If you are buying a new SIM card, do make sure that your phone is unlocked and able to accept your new SIM card.

  1. Determine your need

    There are a few different options for talk minutes, texting and data. Figuring out just how much you need and for how long is the best place to start.

  2. Compare providers to find the best one for you

    Both AT&T and T-Mobile offer their own GSM SIM cards, and many other smaller companies offer plans that run on these two networks.

  3. Purchase and use your new plan

    Once you get your GSM SIM card, simply replace the regular SIM card in your existing global or unlocked cell phone and go.