Where Can You Buy CPUs?


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Major physical and online electronics outlets like the Amazon online marketplace and Best Buy's stores and websites, as well as specialty boutiques like New Egg are good places to shop for and buy central processing units (CPUs). These stores allow customers to shop for pre-made industry CPUs or to design their own through special ordering.

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Amazon acts as a storefront for innumerable suppliers of PC goods and components. Their catalog of CPUs encompasses most market options for PC owners and provides ample room for experts and practiced amateurs to buy high-end equipment for use in PC upgrades and other home PC experiments.

Best Buy fulfills a similar role, providing stores and an online marketplace where PC enthusiasts can peruse a sizable catalog of PC components and peripherals. Each product landing page contains a description of the product and its technical specifications, allowing shoppers to make informed decisions as to which CPU to purchase.

New Egg is a custom PC online store which allows buyers to build their PCs from the ground up, component by component. As such, they stock many high-end computer parts and accessories for use in this process and for use in upgrading existing PCs. The store stocks a great many CPUs for use in all types of computers.

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