Where Can You Buy a Channel Case for IPhone 5?

Chanel does not manufacture cases for iPhone 5. However, cases featuring the Chanel logo, as well as cases that emulate the design of a Chanel perfume bottle are available from AliExpress, Amazon.com and Poshmark.

AliExpress offers various designs of Chanel-style iPhone 5 cases. Many of these cases are built in the basic shape of a Chanel perfume bottle and are available in clear plastic, black plastic or rhinestone-encrusted styles. A number of these phone cases are also attached to metallic lanyards, so the wearer can hang her iPhone around her neck. Prices for Chanel phone cases on AliExpress range from $2.50 to $15 each. Most of these items ship from China and may take several weeks to arrive in the United States.

Poshmark offers Chanel cases for a variety of iPhone models, including iPhone 5. This website allows users to buy pre-owned merchandise and to purchase merchandise from other users, thus the available stock varies by day. These cases are available in the perfume bottle style, as well as in soft grid-patterned designs featuring the Chanel logo. Prices on Poshmark are user-generated and vary widely.

Amazon.com offers several designs for Chanel phone cases, including cases adorned with quotes from Coco Chanel.