Where Can You Buy Cellphones for Seniors?


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Several companies make cellphones with larger buttons and displays for senior citizens, and they can be purchased at stores like Staples or Best Buy, or ordered online. Most cellphone carriers like Sprint or Verizon carry cellphones ideal for seniors.

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There are a few different cellphone models ideal for seniors on the market today. Jitterbug specializes in phones for seniors that have backlit keypads, large, bright screens and powerful speakers. These phones can be ordered directly off the Jitterbug website.

Nokia makes a phone called the Nokia 100 that is easy for seniors to operate because it lacks the "bells and whistles" of today's smartphones. It costs around $30 and can be purchased at Staples.

Alcatel makes a phone called "The Big Easy" that is powered by TracFone. For around $30, seniors can have a phone with large buttons and double minutes for life. The Big Easy can be purchased anywhere TracFones are sold.

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