Where Can You Buy Apple Earphones?


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Authentic Apple products such as earphones can be purchased directly from Apple.com. Other places these earphones can be purchased include retail stores, such as Target. However, for those interested in cheaper alternatives, there are aftermarket companies that produce their own versions of compatible Apple earphones.

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The Apple earphone, also known as an Earpod, can be directly ordered from Apple.com. The product can also be directly shipped to the home of the buyer. Some of the features seen on the Earpods are a deep rich bass and clear-sounding microphone, which is attached to one of the phone wires. The buttons located on the microphone allow the user to control music playback as well as the ability to hangout without using the phone. Each set of headphones comes of the plastic traveling case.

Although the earphones generally receive positive reviews in terms of audio quality, there are sometimes issues in terms of fitment. The earbuds are shaped to cater to a select group of people. Other users that have different ear canal shapes have to struggle with putting the earbuds in their ears repeatedly throughout the day. Also, the earbuds are only available in one color. For the price point, there are other options to choose from, such as KOSS earbuds, notes Engadget.com.

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