How Can a Boost Mobile Phone Be Used As a Hotspot for Free?


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Mobile hotspot is only available for select Boost Mobile monthly plans and devices. Purchase the mobile hotspot add-on from the Boost Mobile website, BoostMobile.com. Using a mobile device with hotspot capabilities, access the phone Settings to turn on mobile hotspot. Instructions are also available in the phone's User Guide.

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Boost Mobile offers Mobile Hotspot as a daily or monthly plan. As of April 2015, the daily hotspot plan costs $3 per day with a 500-megabyte limit. The monthly hotspot plan costs $5 per month for one gigabyte or $10 per month for two gigabytes. To purchase the add-on plan, log in to My Account at BoostMobile.com. Click Plans & Add Ons, select Change Add-Ons Only and complete the purchase instructions. The add-on is also available for purchase at any Boost Mobile retailer.

Dual-mode 3G/4G hotspot capable phones can connect up to eight Wi-Fi devices, and 3G hotspot capable phones can connect up to five Wi-Fi devices. The complete list of hotspot-capable Boost Mobile phones is available at BoostMobile.com. The total data limit of the Mobile Hotspot plan is shared among all connected devices. View data usage under My Account at BoostMobile.com. If the total data allotment is used, another daily or monthly Mobile Hotspot plan must be purchased for continued use.

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