How Can You Get Free Books in the Kindle Bookstore?

How Can You Get Free Books in the Kindle Bookstore?

To be able to get free books from the Kindle bookstore, one must have a Kindle reading application installed on his computer or mobile device if he does not have a Kindle e-reader device. Once a Kindle reading application has been installed on the user's device, he can select and obtain a copy among the free e-book offerings on the Kindle bookstore. The Kindle reading application can be downloaded for free from the Amazon website.

The following shows how to obtain free books from the Kindle bookstore for those who do not have a Kindle e-reader.

  1. Sign in to Amazon
  2. One must have an Amazon account in order to be able to download a Kindle Reading app and download Kindle books. Signing up for an Amazon account is free. If the user has an existing account, he can choose to log on to his Amazon account after downloading the Kindle Reading app.

  3. Download the Kindle application
  4. Navigate to the Kindle Reading application download page on the Amazon website. Install the application after it has finished downloading.

  5. Get free Kindle books
  6. There are several ways to obtain Kindle books from the Kindle bookstore. One of the easiest is to use the Send to Device feature. After selecting from the free Kindle book offerings, click on Send to Kindle. This will automatically send the book to the device and will automatically be on the ready once the Kindle app is launched. Alternatively, Kindle books may also be sent to the user's email address or cloud storage, such as Dropbox.