How Can You Block Pop-Ups in Internet Explorer?


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To block pop-ups in Internet Explorer, access the Privacy tab in the Internet Options dialog box, and enable the blocker in the Pop-Up Blocker section. To block pop-ups from trusted websites, access the Settings dialog box, and increase the blocking level to the highest value. This dialog box also lets you control notification settings and allow specific websites to bypass the blocker.

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Start Internet Explorer, click on the cogwheel button in the upper right corner, and click on Internet Options. Open the Privacy tab, check the Turn On Pop-up Blocker box, click OK, and restart Internet Explorer. Although this enables the blocker, some pop-ups can still appear. To prevent this behavior, click the Settings button in the Privacy tab, open the drop-down menu in the Blocking Level section, select the High: Block All Pop-Ups option, and click Close.

To turn off blocker notifications, clear the Show Notification Bar When a Pop-Up is Blocked box. If you don’t want to block pop-ups from all websites, type the desired Web address in the Exceptions field, and click Add. Once the website appears in the Allowed Sites section, close the Settings dialog box. If pop-ups persist even after disabling them completely, scan your computer for malware, and remove any malicious software that could be responsible for these pop-ups. Even if a pop-up gets blocked, you can still access its content by selecting the Temporarily Allow Pop-Ups option from the information bar, which requires leaving pop-up notifications enabled.

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