How Can You Block Phone Calls on Verizon?


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Verizon customers can block calls on home phones serviced by Verizon by subscribing to the Call Block service. Cellphone users can temporarily block calls for 90 days with the Call and Message Blocking feature.

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How Can You Block Phone Calls on Verizon?
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To block calls on a Verizon home phone, Call Block subscribers must first create a call block list. To set up the Call Block feature with the list of blocked calls, the user dials *60, or 1160 on a rotary or pulse-dial phone. In some areas, users must then press 3. Voice-recorded instructions then prompt users to enter the list of phone numbers they wish to block.

To block calls and messages on a Verizon cellphone, users can go to My Verizon at the Verizon Wireless home page and select My Account and Manage Verizon Family Safeguards & Controls. Users then click Add Call & Message Blocking Feature, after which they can add or remove a phone number from the block list. To add a phone number, users click View Details & Edit and then enter the 10-digit phone numbers they wish to block. To remove a number, a user must select a phone number from the list, push Delete on the computer's keyboard, click Submit and then click OK.

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