How Can Blank Spreadsheets Be Utilized for Project Management?


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Blank spreadsheets can be used in whatever way is necessary for project management. The needs of the project depend on how the blank spreadsheets can be used.

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An Excel workbook can have as many blank spreadsheets as needed. Simply pointing the mouse at the tab below the spreadsheet and right-clicking will give you the option to make a new spreadsheet. A project can easily be managed by a few simple spreadsheets and if it requires more then several workbooks can be created.

Excel allows the user to create several workbooks and link them in to other workbooks to ensure project management stays simple. This enables the user to have several different projects but still keep them related and separate. Within one workbook, any number of projects can be accomplished. It all really depends on the project at hand. Excel also gives the user an option of linking in websites, images and other Microsoft Office Suite programs. There are also preformatted templates in Excel made just for project management.

Using spreadsheets a user can attach any information necessary to a project, including time sheets and financial projections. These separate spreadsheets can be labeled according to the information on each one. The one thing to make a priority is project organization as this is the one thing that will determine success or failure for a project. Utilizing spreadsheets to their fullest extent can help ensure success for the project.

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