How Can a Beginner Computer User Expand on Skills?


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Beginning computer users can improve their skills by enrolling in a basic computing course at a community college or by taking courses offered through public libraries and community resource centers. Library courses tend to be brief, focusing on a single topic such as keyboard skills, using the Internet or word processing software. Users can also gain skills by acquiring a computer and Internet service at home.

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Community colleges offer basic computing courses usually without requiring enrollment in a degree program. Such courses tend to cover basic topics such as the role of computers in society, basic terminology, keyboard skills and the Internet. These courses may also explain basic computer science concepts such as the difference between hardware and software and the main components of a computer.

Community colleges also offer courses designed to teach vocational skills, such as creating office documents, spreadsheets and PowerPoint presentations. By enrolling in such courses, students often have access to the school's computer center where they can practice basic skills, search for jobs and work on class assignments.

For more basic or brief instruction, users can attend classes and workshops offered by libraries and community resource centers. These classes are usually one or a few sessions long and cover single topics such as social media, basic computing, job searching or specific software programs such as Microsoft Word.

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