How Can You Become Tumblr Famous?


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Becoming Tumblr famous is not a path that comes equipped with a formula, but there are certain precepts many popular bloggers follow in order to build and maintain their prominence, and these include sociability, consistent content and consistent voice. Presenting a coherent image of the self through the medium of the blog is crucial.

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Engagement with followers is one of the most important ways that a blogger on Tumblr can begin to accrue influence. This process is basic sociability, the forming of connections and relationships, the maintenance of lines of communication; it is the simple way in which a blogger invests in and is invested in by the people following their blog.

Choosing a theme or voice for a blog is critically important. If a blog is about serious social issues then it cannot afford to veer wildly into cute animal pictures or to trade in off-color jokes. If a blog is dedicated to comedy it has to learn to ration its serious moments. Sharing personal details through a blog is a double-edged sword, as it can lead to fans and followers with an unhealthy amount of knowledge about their favorite bloggers, but it can also deepen the connection between a blogger and the people who admire their work.

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