How Can You Become Famous on Instagram?


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Become famous on Instagram by communicating with followers and taking quality shots that get attention. Having a niche, such as pictures of animals, fashion or food, also helps develop followers who share the same interests.

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How Can You Become Famous on Instagram?

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  1. Develop your niche

    Think of a topic that interests you, and develop an Instagram portfolio of that subject. For instance, take pictures of your pet or homemade meals. While it helps to create a portfolio based on one subject, it does not hurt to expand and experiment with different subjects to see which gathers the most interest.

  2. Take quality shots

    Do not focus most of your efforts on picture quantity; rather, think about quality when taking your photos. Invest in a professional, yet affordable, camera, or use a smartphone with a higher megapixel resolution. Experiment with effects, blurs and depth of field for more interesting shots.

  3. Create hashtags

    Create a hashtag for every photo you upload. Think of a hashtag that gathers interest and is relevant to the photo. When people look for a particular photo, your hashtag may pop up and create clicks.

  4. Engage with your audience

    Create a line of communication with your followers. Receiving compliments for a shot feels good, but responding to followers generates loyalty. If you engage with your followers, they may share your Instagram profile with other people and generate even more followers.

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