Can the Background History of a Hard Drive Be Erased?


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Erasing the background history of a hard drive is possible. This can be done effectively by using specific software that would overwrite the previous files.

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Examples of such software are Eraser and CCleaner. After installing Eraser, which is compatible with Windows Explorer, the user should open Eraser to delete the relevant files. When using CCleaner, the user should delete the files, empty the computer's Recycle Bin and use CCleaner for overwriting or shredding.

Prior to selecting the software and method for erasing a hard drive's background history, the data's sensitivity should be considered. For example, running fdisk is considered a Level 1 wipe since deleted files are not completely removed from the hard drive. A person with access to specific software can retrieve the deleted files. Using software such as Eraser is considered a Level 2 wipe, which offers more certainty of history removal from the hard drive.

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