Where Can You Ask a Doctor a Question for Free Online?

One place to ask a question of a doctor for free online is AskTheDoctor.com. The site operates in multiple platforms and is always open. In order to ask a question, the user states the question in as much detail as possible, including uploading reports and pictures, chooses the speciality and then receives a response.

The website RealSelf.com has a page available to ask a doctor a question for free. The site claims thousands of board-certified doctors and specialists from around the world are available to answer questions.

On the site, there is space to ask a concise question, followed by room to add details about the question. The site requests that users be specific when adding details, as it helps doctors best answer the question, and questions that include a picture receive priority in response. When doctors respond, the site emails the person who asked the initial question. The questions are public and cannot be removed.

DoctorBase.com also has a page devoted to answering questions for free. The site boasts thousands of U.S. licensed doctors who are available to answer questions. The site allows the user to provide a topic, choose a speciality and ask a question. There is also space to upload a photo. The site states that most questions are answered within hours.