Where Can You Find APN Unlock Settings for a Phone?


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Access Point Name settings for using a phone on a mobile network can be found on UnlockIt.co.nz, as of 2014. The site provides settings for various cell phone carriers throughout the world. APN settings also can be obtained from individual cellular carriers.

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APN refers to the connection between a mobile network and another network, usually the Internet. Mobile devices with data connections must have APNs. Carriers use them to determine the type of network connection to create, security methods to use, whether the network is private and what IP address to assign.

An APN includes a network identifier that defines the external network to which a connection is made. It also includes an optional operator identifier. Examples of APNs as of 2014 include "vzwinternet" for Verizon Wireless LTE and "wap.cingular" for AT&T.

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