How Can You Get an Antenna Installation Guide?

How Can You Get an Antenna Installation Guide?

Obtain an antenna installation guide from the antenna manufacturer's website. Companies that offer installation guides for their antennas include Solid Signal and Channel Master. Specialty retailers with a focus on home theater or audio equipment may also offer guides. Crutchfield is one such retailer.

Channel Master provides instruction sheets for all of its antennas, rotators and amplifiers. It also provides a guide for using its universal antenna mount. These instructions are model-specific, so choose the instruction sheet that corresponds to the Channel Master antenna you plan to install.

Solid Signal's technical document library contains model-specific installation guides for both its branded models and select third-party models sold in its online store. Choose the guide that corresponds to the brand and model of antenna being installed.

Crutchfield's how-to guide is a general antenna installation guide intended to work across many brands and models of antenna. It includes information about both indoor and outdoor antennas. The guide also provides tips on how to choose the best antenna, how to mount the antenna and how to run cables from the antenna to the television.

Installation instructions vary between antenna brands and types. Indoor and outdoor antennas typically have different installation requirements, as do rotating and amplified antennas. Using the manufacturer's specific directions for the correct antenna model is the best way to ensure the antenna is installed properly.