How Can You Find Your Acer Aspire One's Model Number?

The model number of your Acer Aspire One can be found on the product labels on the laptop's packaging as well as online on the manufacturer's website. By accessing the Support feature in the product's Acer Explorer, you can easily access the online resources necessary to find your product's model number.

  1. Go to the Windows Start Page

    Click on the Windows Key on the keyboard to go to the Windows Start Menu.

  2. Go into Acer Explorer

    Under Acer Apps, click on Acer Explorer.

  3. Go to Support

    After letting Acer Explorer load, click on the Support button at the top of the screen.

  4. Click on System Information

    In Acer Support, click on System Information. This should open a new window in the Internet browser.

  5. Find your PC information

    Enter your SNID, which is found on the Product Label on the bottom of the laptop, and enter the verification code. Click on Find your System to find the model number and warranty.