How Can You Access URC Support?

How Can You Access URC Support?

To access the URC support, open a Web browser and visit the home page of the URC official website. Then, navigate to the support page by clicking the Support/Manuals option from among the options listed at the top of the Web page.

There are various categories available to access the support manuals. These categories include residential downloads, commercial downloads, do it yourself downloads, discontinued product downloads and broadcast or cable downloads. Check the remote control to be programmed for the corresponding category. Once aware of the category, select the respective category by clicking on it.

After clicking the category, the website displays a Quick Access to support downloads option located towards the right side of the screen. The quick access support feature provides a drop-down list allowing selection of the desired product. Select the concerned product. The Web page then displays the support documents adjacent to the selection made. It displays the owner’s manual, the specification sheet, the software and other relevant support documents.

To access and contact the technical support team for product or software queries, visit the Contact Support link instead of the Support Manuals category. It provides the contact e-mail address and the contact numbers. The toll-free number is (800) 901-0800, and the main contact is (914) 835-4484, as of 2015.

URC provides professional software and programming support to its certified, trained and authorized dealers only. URC avoids providing the installer software directly to end consumers to avoid support issues with the system.